On Task Tutoring was founded by Matthew Brown. Matthew is a certified Educator with 16 years of academic experience.  In his teaching career, he earned Teacher of the Year in 2019 and was awarded Year of Excellence 2018-2019. As an educator, he developed his teaching modality knowing that each child is a lifelong learner. His objective for each child is that they would obtain academic self-worth that goes beyond the classroom by catering to their individual academic needs. Matthew made the Dean’s list twice and earned his bachelor’s degree in Education from Texas A & M University.


What makes On Task Tutoring so effective?

At On Task Tutoring we strive to help students feel confident. Sessions are geared towards personal and meaningful learning. We focus on your child’s strength and pinpoint the skills they need to be academically successful.

Does On Task Tutoring work with my child’s teacher or school?

Absolutely! Teachers are an essential part of your child’s learning. With your permission and your teacher’s cooperation, we will be happy to work with your child’s teacher. This will also ensure that your child is progressing in their learning.

How often should my child have a tutoring session?

On Task Tutoring suggests two to three times a week in order to make academic progress.

How will I know my child is making progress?

After each tutoring lesson, we will provide detailed notes of your child’s hourly session.

Does On Task Tutoring have any rewards programs?

Yes! On Task Tutoring loves to celebrate your child’s success. As your child progresses academically, they are awarded various gift cards.

A Better Way To Learn

Elementary, middle school, high school, Test prep /Education.

Serving Tarrant and Collin County.