Teaching Remotely

Teaching Remotely – 4 Tech Tools You Should Use Even After The Institutes Reopen

Once the world gathered control and had plans to keep moving forwards as they locked and isolated large chunks of their populous, that the economy started to churn remotely. Amongst many businesses that started operating remotely and without any significant physical interaction was the education sector.  Teachers and students were sent home with the little ones at the highest risk of contracting the virus, remote teaching tech started blooming until numerous tools witnessed download & usage boom.

As countries emerge from months of lock-down and confined travel, industries gradually return to their pre-COVID ways. Amongst them is the education sector, that’s waiting to welcome students back to schools, colleges, and universities. However, many platforms developed in the era of remote education have proved themselves fruitful for the post isolation period too. We bring you five of the best remote teaching tools you could use even when institutes have reopened!


A great platform to begin with your own e-publishing and share it globally without barriers. With the remote teaching diminishing, FlipHTML5 won’t lose its effectiveness – publish your coursework and other notes in a PDF format and share without restrictions. Once the remote environment is done, FlipHTML5 can help establish a paperless teaching system where books can be sent online without using excessive paperbacks. It will surely make things eco-friendly for the educational sector!


One of the very best interactive platforms developed to ensure ease for kindergarten to Ph.D. students. Flipgrid helps students answer questions and quizzes with a video that appears under the respective grid – teachers can post questions to which they need answers. In the post remote education times, Flipgrid is a helpful platform for resolving queries during vacations and also conduct summer camp tutorials for all age groups!

Google Classroom

From the leaders in the industry, Google, the Google Classroom, is an interactive way of conducting online sessions where you have the ease of uploading quizzes, video tutorials and other helpful links for students. The same goes for Google Classroom, where even when the remote teaching system would end, it can still help teachers conduct sessions even when they aren’t physically present for whatever reason!


Zoom boomed as a video meeting app during the initial days of pandemic related remote activities, it later transformed as an educational app where teachers conducted online video lectures. Zoom has shown immense potential with no age restriction, effortless accessibility! It surely has great potential to serve as an online lecture, support, and tutoring tool once we’re back to normal.

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